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The business and career success of most IT Leaders is highly contingent on their ability to assemble strong teams comprised of knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled professionals. The Top Industry IT Leaders of the most prominent companies in the world have integrated Quadra's IT sourcing framework into their global IT operations, and so can you!

Chief Executive Magazine honored Quadra's largest customer with a top ranking award in leadership development and share holder value.

Quadra's Commitment to Success:

Since 1998 our mission has remained constant and straightforward: Tactically deploy the most qualified IT resources at all levels to ensure the successful delivery of critical IT initiatives. In short, Quadra Applications & Technology, Inc. has built their niche by filling resource gaps in areas where specialized skills are needed to navigate thru the most complex IT challenges, thus helping you and your team to avoid program overruns and achieve the maximum return on your Company's technology investments.

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